Starr Cups are for the mind, body & environmentally conscious.

I am here feeling so excited that I never have to buy tampons or pads again! 
I get to be environmentally conscious all whilst treating my body with love and respect! 
Save money and be healthy! 
The BONUS is I can now share it with YOU!


If you are someone who realises that our body is a temple and that we would like to look after it as much as we can - then the Starr menstrual cup is for you! Being of medical-grade silicone it is latex free, contains no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches. Unfortunately sanitary products nowadays have all been bleached, your body can absorb these nasty chemicals while inside you or against you.  Cotton products have been known to leave fibres on the cervix.  All of these conditions can mess with the natural balance of your bacteria. Starr Menstrual Cups keeps your vagina and your body happy!

If you feel that our beautiful world needs to be respected and looked after, with less personal contribution to the dumping of toxic rubbish the better, then this is another factor to switch to menstrual cups.   Compare with a potential 3kg per female per year of toxic waste (in Australia alone that is nearly 22,000 tonnes of waste a year JUST in female hygiene products). Compared to 1 menstrual cup which can last for 5-10 years per person! That is saving a lot of waste if we all jump on board! The world will be a much happier place with beautiful natural bush land instead of waste filled dumps!

So, NOT only is your body and mind happy, the world is happy too! But wait there's more - ha ha.. no steak knives, just a whole lot of saving!! Instead of forking out money each month for tampons or pads, this amazing cup can last  5-10 years! Saving a significant amount of money! 


"I was introduced to the Starr Menstrual Cup by a dear friend of mine who recommended it highly. At first I was a little cautious, but after moving to India and having very limited sanitary options (not to mention the distinct lack of disposal systems), I decided to give it a try. Well I must say, I am IN LOVE with my Starr Menstrual Cup. Living in a country where hygiene is always an issue - and sanitary toilets are pretty rare, I love the fact that I can leave it in for up to 12 hours without any hassles or leaks!! This is truly a practical god send for my job and lifestyle. Not only that, but as I am always trying to be Eco-conscious - I LOVE that it is reusable and there is no nasty and unhygienic waste byproducts. It is super comfortable (much more than tampons) and doesn't leak, so I always feel secure and comfortable. I highly recommend it to all my friends, and would now even love to introduce it to some of the local Indian women I work with. Thanks to the menstrual cup I feel totally empowered all through the month!." -- Rachael, India


"I am always consciously looking for products that are more natural and healthy for the body and environment, so when my step-sister introduced me to the Starr Menstrual Cup I was excited - but honestly a bit nervous. There is always a balance between being healthy and it being easy and effective. Nevertheless I decided to give it a go. Like any first time at something, it took a couple of go's to get used to it, but now I am just sooo excited! I can't believe I never have to buy tampons again - I am stoked! Another weird bonus for me was that awkward time when you don't know where to throw out your tampon when staying at a friends place... Now it's just empty and return! Yay! - life is simple, my body is healthy and this beautiful world can continue being green xx ." -- Hayley, Brisbane, Australia

"Once I got over the What the?... How? .. and tried the m/cup I was surprised to find it was so much easier than I’d imagined, and I really appreciate it’s healthier than the alternatives. What a fantastic idea to save our girls from years of chemical infused products too. Thanks Nicole for making me aware of the benefits of these clever femme options". DD, Sunshine Coast, Australia

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